Windmill forwarding

Windmill Forwarding BV is the founder of the current international groupage system in the Netherlands. Windmill Forwarding BV was founded 15 years ago with the idea of making the moving industry within the Netherlands more sustainable and future-oriented for the next generation. Windmill Forwarding BV purely focuses on international removals, with a specialization in groupage services from Western Europe to the 15 most popular destinations worldwide such as the Unites States of America, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, and the various former Netherlands Antilles. For all these destinations we depart monthly, and for the more popular destinations, such as the USA, we depart at least once every two weeks. Windmill Forwarding BV offers all its customers and fellow moving companies in Western Europe access to our groupage service as a cheaper, faster and, above all, safer alternative to LCL shipments.

To us, the most important element within the entire Windmill Group are our employees. They ensure that customers receive the highest possible level of service and with their enthusiasm they ensure that we remain innovative in the international moving industry. The reason Windmill Forwarding BV has chosen to become a FIDI member is primarily to safeguard our internal qualities and processes. FIDI helps us ensure quality while we grow as a company. Important to us is the fact that FIDI offers us the possibility to train our staff, which we consider essential for the future of our company. The FIDI quality mark also fits the image Windmill Forwarding BV wants to convey to its partners and customers. As far as we are concerned, it is the highest attainable and best controlled certificate in the international moving industry.