Van der Ent Group

The Van der Ent Group has been in business since 1922. It all started early last century with a horse and cart in Rhoon. Daniël van der Ent was then transporting crates of lemonade from Rhoon to Rotterdam Katendrecht as a messenger which was ‘a trip around the world’ at the time. Slowly, this grew into a real company, which in 1928 went by the official name of Van der Ent Transport & Verhuizingen, the forerunner of today’s Van der Group.

Under the leadership of Piet van der Ent Sr (2nd generation), the removal company grew into one of the leading removal companies in the Netherlands. In 1983, sons Daan and Dirk van der Ent (3rd generation) took over from their father. Anno 2018, the company is run by Christiaan van der Ent (4th generation). We can therefore say that we are a real family business!

We have branches in Spijkenisse and The Hague. Every day, our enthusiastic and qualified employees are there for you!

The Van der Ent Group offers multiple services. These include local removals, international removals, office removals, multiple types of storage including household effects storage, and logistics.

An international move can be a stressful and far-reaching event.

For worry-free handling, it is important to do business with reliable partners.

By using the FIDI network, we can guarantee the same quality in every country.

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Van der Ent Group